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Here you will find a wide selection of authentic vintage hats. You will find designer and department store names as well as lesser known millinery masterpieces. Styles range from the wide, flamboyant pieces of the 1900's and 1910's, the low- brimmed, timeless cloches of the 1920's, the lower profiles of the 1930's and 1940's, the classic cocktail hats and pillboxes of the 1950's and 1960's and most everything in between and beyond.

Over the years hats have often been an outlet for creative expression. Designers have used accessories ranging from bows and ribbons to jewels and sequins to feathers. Millinery design had such an impact on the bird population during the 1900's that anti-plumage laws were enacted.


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Please note mannequin head circumference is 22" with wig.

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Vintage 1940/50's tan felt hat with feather in very good condition. One feather has broken off and the other is ruffled in spots. Labeled, "Valerie Modes Sz 22". Inner band measures See photos.
Item # h-3269


Vintage 1950/60's mink circlet with satin bow and veil. Veil has numerous breaks but could easily be removed or replaced. Labeled, "Valerie Modes". See photos.
Item # h-3268


Vintage 1930/40's black felt skull cap in very good condition. Trimmed with metallic square studs. Stamped, "Made in USA Ritz Merrimac". See photos.
Item # h-3267


Vintage 1960's yellow cone hair cover in good to fair condition. Elastic at opening has stretched. Would work well for a costume. I picture it dyed blue and used for a Marge Simpson or Bride of Frankenstein costume. See photos.

Item # h-3266


Classic vintage 1950/60’s Mr. John Jr. brown & cream striped hat in very good condition. Hat also has a Flah & Co Syracuse – Dewitt label. Bow ribbon has some fraying at edge. Inner band measures 22 inches (56 cm). See photos.

Item # h-3265

Vintage 1950/60’s embroidered navy boucle hat in very good condition. Hat has no labels or tags. Inner band measures 21 inches (53.3 cm). See photos.

Item # h-3264


Vintage 1960’s sunny yellow floral hat in very good condition. Hat is labeled, “Jan Leslie custom design” and “Flah & Co Syracuse NY”. Inner band measures 21 ½ inches (54.6 cm). See photos.

Item # h-3262


Vintage ivory hat with pleated fabric band and veil in good condition. Veil appears to have been shortened. Inner band measures 20 inches (49 cm). See photos.

Item # h-3261


Vintage 1950/60’s royal blue velour hat with chenille dotted veil in very good condition. Hat is made up of overlapping velour leaves. Has a union label. Opening measures 23 inches (58.5 cm). See photos.

Item # h-3260


Vintage 1940/50’s black velour cocktail hat in very good condition. Hat is labeled, “Original Louie Miller Model” and stamped, “Carol Body Made in Italy”. See photos.
Item # h-3259


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